History of Texas Hold’em

History of Texas Hold’em

1 Deck (52 cards) is use to have each player withdraw other players. By using a total of 7 cards including 2 player cards. And 5 community cards or the player with the highest hand wins.

It is say that the first similar game was play in Robstown, Texas, in the early 1900s. What made Texas Hold’em poker famous was the World Series of Poker, which began in the 1970s at Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What is Texas Hold’em?

It is a kind of poker game play with playing cards. and it is a mind sport and the most representative ‘community card poker’. After creating a card combination with 2 individual hand cards and 5 community cards shared by all players, reveal all of each other’s hands, and as a result, the player with the highest card combination wins.

The feature is that many people can enjoy it at the same time. With 52 cards, it is theoretically possible for 23 players to play the game at the same time. Usually up to 10 people can play the game at the same time, which is definitely a lot compared to other poker games. It is the most widely play poker game in the United States today.

Red Dead Redemption, Far Cry 3, and Watch Dog’s mini-games. And poker from ‘Prominence Poker’ are Texas  홀덤사이트. Poker from the movie Casino Royale is also Texas Hold’em. The same goes for poker nights. In Korea, poker generally means seven poker without any special mention. In the modern West, Texas Hold’em is treat as a representative poker game.

Unlike well-known Korean poker games such as Seven Poker. There is no genealogy name Mountain. The mountain is often call the Royal Straight. However, only the name is different, and the strengths and weaknesses with other genealogy are the same (except for the weakest of the back straight and back straight flushes). The notation of hold’em is also use. But in this document, it is unified as ‘hold’em’.

In the old days, it was often read literally and the pressure notation of Texas hold’em was often seen. After an amateur contestant named maker, who won the championship and won 2.5 million US dollars (about 2.8 billion Korean Won), spread throughout the United States and the world through ESPN, there was a boom in Texas Hold’em poker around the world.

The profession of a professional poker player has also been re-evaluate. And the number of people playing poker has explode since then. Since then, many famous major tournaments (eg WPT, APPT, etc.) have also become popular on the air.

Also, in non-tournament cash games. The TV series High Stake Poker and Poker After Dark. Which opened and broadcast very high cash game tables made up of pros and wealthy amateurs, are famous.

Both programs continued until season 7, but were then discontinued. Currently, there is a trend and culture that sees and recognizes professional poker players as a profession. Poker is a kind of mind & brain sport that can be successful in the long run if it is accompanied by long-term study, strategic research, and excellent mind management is recognized.

In fact, there are few countries in the world that do not recognize poker as a sport. Since 2015 China has also recognize poker as a professional player. Making Korea the only country in Asia where poker is not a sport.



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