List of Open-Source Static Site Generator

List of Open-Source Static Site Generator


What is a static website?

In technical terms, a static website created with a backend on headless WordPress themes is one in which the websites are not dynamically produced on the server. In the version that the end-user receives, the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript reside on the server. The raw source code files have already been created, and the source code will not change when the server requests again.

Its FOSS is a dynamic website that relies on many databases to build and display web pages in response to requests from your browser. The majority of the internet is made up of dynamic websites that allow you to interact with them and include a lot of material that changes often. However, Stackground websites are created with headless WordPress themes that are pre-built templates used with modern static site generator frontend and headless Word/press backend. 

Headless wordpress themes advantage

Static websites provide some advantages, including faster loading times, lower server resource requirements, and improved security. Headless WordPress Themes static websites have traditionally been used to create modest websites with only a few pages and information that does not change frequently. This is changing, owing to static website generating tools, which may also be used to generate blogs.

Best Open Source Static Site Generators


Jekyll is a popular open-source static site generator written in Ruby. The jekyll powers GitHub Pages that allows you to host the web pages on the platform for free.

Jekyll is simple to install on a variety of systems, including Ubuntu. The static site files are generated using Markdown, Liquid (for the template), HTML, and CSS. If you want to create a blog without adverts or a product page to sell your tool or service, it’s also a wonderful alternative. It also allows you to move your blog from major CMSs such as Ghost, WordPress, Drupal 7, and others. It’s good to be able to manage permalinks, categories, pages, articles, and custom layouts.


Hugo is another popular open-source framework for static site development. The programming language with Hugo is always effective. It’s quick, easy, and dependable. If you need it, you can also seek sophisticated theming help. It includes many helpful shortcuts to assist you in getting things done immediately. Hugo is capable of handling a range of content kinds, whether it’s a portfolio site or a blog.

You may install it and learn more about how to use it by following its official documentation or visiting its GitHub website. If necessary, you may also use GitHub pages or any CDN to deliver Hugo.


Hexo is an intriguing Node. js-based open-source framework. You will, like others, wind up with lightning-fast websites, as well as a large variety of themes and plugins. Your also receive a rich API to enhance functionality according to your needs. The website may also use the Migrator plugin if you already have a website.

Gatsby headless wordpress themes

Gatsby is a prominent open-source site generator framework that is becoming increasingly popular. It makes use of React.js to create speedy and attractive web pages. It has several handy connectors with well-known services. You may, of course, keep it basic or combine it with a popular CMS of your choosing, which should be intriguing. You may learn more about it by looking at their official documentation and GitHub website.


VuePress is a static site generator based on Vue.js, a progressive JavaScript framework that is open-source.VuePress is simple to use if you are familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

Nuxt.js is based on Vue.js and Node.js, however, it emphasizes modularity and the ability to rely on the server rather than the client. Not only that, but it also seeks to give developers an intuitive experience, including informative errors and extensive documentation, among other things.

With all of its capabilities and flexibility to design a static website, Nuxt.js should be the best of both worlds, as it says. They also have a Nuxt Online sandbox that you can use to test it out without having to put in a lot of work.


Docusaurus is a fascinating open-source static site generator designed specifically for creating documentation webpages. It’s a product of Facebook’s open-source program. Open source reacts made up docusaurus . All of the important functionality, such as document versioning, document search, and translation and pre-configured. This is a wonderful place to start if you want to create a documentation website for any of your goods or services.


Eleventy bills itself as a Jekyll alternative that strives for a more straightforward way to create speedier static web pages. 


Publii is a powerful open-source content management system that makes building static websites simple. Electron and Vue.js keys of publii. If necessary, you may also import posts from a WordPress site. It also has several one-click synchronizations with services like GitHub Pages, Netlify, and others.


The Primo is an intriguing open-source static site generator. It is a kind project, even though it is not a full-fledged solution with all the capabilities in static generators. Primo promises to assist you in creating and developing a website using a visual builder. You can choose any hosting plan according to primo deployment.



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