Sunder Pichai’s Net Worth

Sunder Pichai’s Net Worth

Sunder Pichai

Today the name “Sunder Pichai” does not require an introduction because he has done the thing which is worth remembering. He is an American-based entrepreneur and CEO of the Google and Alphabet company. Sunder Pichai invented the “Google chrome” which is used for searching for all kinds of information in a second. Millions of people are using it worldwide and there are many more things he has delivered to the people and made the country proud. In India, Sunder Pichai was rewarded with the “Padma vibhusan” award from the president of the country.  

So we are highlighting here a glimpse of his lifestyle, the net worth of Sunder Pichai, and many more about him which would be interesting to read. 

Take a glimpse at the lifestyle, net worth, and many more about the Sunder Pichai  


Early life – 

Sunder Pichai was born in Tamil Nadu and completed his graduation from the IIT in engineering. There were four members in the family – his father was also an engineer and his mother was a stenographer. The elder brother of Sunder Pichai is also an engineer and there were no facilities in the middle-class family. 


Career – 

He joined Google in the year 2004 and was working as a product manager. Then he invented Google Chrome, Gmail, and Google Maps products which have boosted the profit of the company in skyrocket speed. Soon he take over the chair of the Google company and become the CEO which was a matter of honor. Today he has changed the lifestyle of his family from his hardwork and excellence in skills. 

Days were struggling but you can change everything just through your hardwork and passion. It all depends on our hands whether we want to bring a change in our life or just want to curse destiny


Some of the best learnings from Sunder Pichai – 

  • Always think big and acquire the courage to get it. Not everyone has the guts to imprint the name in the history and everything just starts within you. 
  • Be passionate to achieve your goal and don’t allow any distractions to disturb you in any way. Love your dream, and get rid of the things which act as a barrier in life. 
  • Try to be different from others – there are many people who do the same thing and this thing doesn’t allow you to achieve great height in life but when you do things differently from others that’s required guts. Choose to be different and be passionate to show the difference. 
  • Someone has said that – if you want to cover a long-distance path then choose a companion for yourself. You could not do everything alone and that is why there is a requirement for people. As an entrepreneur, this is required to walk together and allow others to live their dream through you. 
  • Never plan for the short-term – today everyone should plan for making their future bright. Try to invest in the things which help to attain your future goals and never hesitate to take risks. 
  • Learn once, but practice it several times – you may hear the thought that practice makes a man perfect and if you want to excel in the field then this is important to practice hundred times and try to become one level up every day. 
  • Choose groups wisely – if you want to become successful then choose the groups of people who encourage you to achieve the dreams or goals in life. As you have heard the thought – if you are sitting among the 9 billionaires then next will be you. Nothing is easy and if you have big dreams then there is a need to boost the quality of thoughts.
  • Keep yourself fit and healthy – another productivity hack that if you want to work 365 days then it is important to do exercises, consume healthily nutrient-based foods, and meditate. Before building an empire this is important to build a healthy body so that you can work every time happily. 
  • Learn new things –  Stop everything but never stop learning. The day you have decided to stop learning, is the day when you start losing everything. In this world, there are several things that update every day and if you will miss learning then it would be the reason which lags you behind the competitors. 


Wrapping Up – 


Today Sunder Pichai is an inspiration for several entrepreneurs present in the world and he deserves the appreciation because he struggled a lot to build his bright career. So if you are a fan of his work then follow the journey and start building your career. 



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