Know 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India


Know 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India

Are you a student? Are you searching for the highest paying jobs that are available in India? In this blog our assignment help experts will tell you about the 10 such high profile jobs that are chosen by most people for their attractive salary package. So, read our blog and try to pursue that particular course to make your future bright Know 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India.

We all want a financially stable life that is necessary to secure our future. The job market in a developing country like India is still possessed by the engineers, doctors etc. but besides these, there are a plethora of options available that most people don’t know. During the academic career, most people feel baffled and find it difficult which one to choose one that will give them a secure life. So, knowing the options will surely help you to follow the path with confidence and it will boost you with extra energy.

Here are the options:

  • Machine Learning Experts: 

The job profile of a machine learning and artificial intelligence expert is to make data driven decisions and setting them. Nowadays this technology is widely used in various sectors like transport, education, healthcare etc. the average yearly salary of a machine learning expert is approx 7.5lakh. It seeks a bachelor’s degree in computer science or related course.

  • Pilot: 

becoming a commercial pilot will give you financial security and world tour. Its average salary is 15 lakh for freshers. Students of 10+2 with pure science subject combination can appear for the pilot’s training.

  • Business Manager: 

it is undoubtedly a demanding job. For freshers, its salary package starts from 3-4 lakh and for experience it is approx 9 lakh. Students having an MBA degree can apply for this job.

  • Software Architect:

it is another high paying job which gives approx 25 lakh per annum. B.Sc or M.Sc in computer science is needed to apply for this post.

  • Software Product Manager: 

the main job of a software product manager is to manage and develop software. Its average salary is approx 20 lakh per annum. Students of B.Sc or M.Sc in computer science can apply for this job. It needs a degree in computer science.

  • Solution Architect: 

if you want to try something new, then you can try for a solution architect. For freshers it pays approx 5 lakh per annum and it can lead up to 20 lakh as you gain experience. It needs a B.Sc or B.Tech degree in computer science to apply for this job.

  • Management Consultant: 

it is the right job for those who think to improve company’s performance and increase its growth. Its average salary is 12 lakh to 25 lakh per annum. B.Com or M.Com in Economics or Accountancy is needed here.

  • Data Scientist: 

the main job of a data scientist is to use social science and technology to find the trends and manage data. Its average salary package starts from 4 lakh and goes up to 12 lakh per annum. Students of B.Tech can apply for this Know 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India job.

  • Chartered Accountant: 

chartered accountants or CAs are the members of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India that is the only national accounting body of India. Every farm needs CAs. So, there has always been a high demand for CAs. Its annual salary package starts from 8 lakh and goes up to 20 lakh. B.Com or M.Com with 55% marks can apply for CA course, after completing the course they can apply for jobs.

  • Investment Manager: 

the main job of an investment manager is to take care of the client’s money. The average yearly salary of them is approx 15 lakh. B.Com or M.Com in economics, accounting etc is needed here.



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