Check out some of the top NFT wallets for 2022

Check out some of the top NFT wallets for 2022

The growing popularity of cryptocurrency has dragged the attention of many to explore topics such as Binance vs GDAX, how to transfer BTC from GDAX to Binance, and getting knowledge with a GDAX tutorial. There are other related topics to search for. One such is NFT. So if you seem interested in the collection or investment in non-fungible tokens, then it brings the need for NFT wallets. 


The basic idea of NFT Wallets


Someone new to exploring the crypto world might not be having an idea about what exactly is an NFT wallet. So let us explain it. These are those cryptocurrency wallets that are supportive of the blockchain protocol on which the creation of NFTs takes place. Besides this, it also requires the support of the particular currency that you are going to purchase with NFT, like ETH. 


Since Ethereum blockchain finds the use for a wide bulk of non-fungible tokens, it is obvious to expect the functioning of many Ethereum wallets. But some are different from the rest. So today we are going to list down some of those NFT wallets and will help you in knowing the factors to look for when choosing a particular one. 


Top 3 NFT wallets for 2022


Below are some of those best NFT wallets for 2022. Let’s know about them one by one. 


Trust Wallet


Trust Wallet is a popular mobile-based wallet. The ownership of this crypto wallet lies under Binance. It is supportive of more than one blockchain including Ethereum. Its network with Binance indicates that it more emphasized smart chain tokens. Hence if someone takes interest in non-fungible tokens on the Binance smart chain, then Trust Wallet is the best choice to go with. 


Coinbase Wallet


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange known by most people. It also provides a non-custodial wallet that is appropriate for holding non-fungible tokens and other tokens as well. Contrary to crypto holding on the Coinbase exchange, the assets held in the Coinbase wallet allows user to have complete authority over their crypto. 


Last year a browser extension was released by Coinbase. So to buy NFTs and other dApps usage, users can now simply make the best use of their wallets across devices. Coinbase wallet is also featured with a built-in browser that makes it easier for users to access decentralized applications. 


One major merit of having a Coinbase wallet is it eases the token transferring from one to another merely by usernames. Hence, there is no compulsion of public wallet addresses. With that transactions become much more personal and guarantee higher security provisions at times of sending assets to a genuine identity. 


Coinbase also provides a one-click cloud backup concern to your private keys and keeps them on one’s cloud drive. It does not let users lose their NFTs access in the wallet. 




If there is any other cryptocurrency wallet that has gained immense popularity after Coinbase wallet, then it is undoubtedly, Metamask. Like the above one, this cryptocurrency wallet is also featured with its browser extension allowing hassle-free access to NFT marketplaces in a short time. Setting up more than one address is very simple with Metamask. This makes it possible in holding NFTs at an address that is different from one’s cryptocurrency. For every NFT you buy, a single address can also be set up for this. 


The company behind the Metamask is ConsenSys. It took an initiative in building a mobile app two years ago. This mobile app has an in-built browser for Dapps and NFT marketplaces. Other than this, Metamask also excels in having an in-built swap feature. Having this, swapping of currencies for purchasing a non-fungible token becomes possible. Moreover, there is also a provision limiting the payment of gas fees. But there is a risk of failure of a transaction. In case, you think of switching to some other blockchain platform, then Metamask is supportive of all alternatives. 




AlphaWallet also comes among the best NFT wallets. This open-source crypto wallet comes with some limitations. It applies to only mobile and Ethereum. What makes it stand out among its competitors is its support of blockchain games and non-fungible tokens. AlphaWallet comes with a user-friendly interface that can be easily understood by beginners. 


There is an entire section for gaming tokens as well as NFTs featured in the wallet. Moreover, the addition of meta tags also allowed users to make it easier for them in searching and filtering them while flicking through their collection. AlphaWallet operates directly with NFT marketplaces like CryptoKitties, ChainZ Arena, and OpenSea and blockchain games. Like many, this cryptocurrency wallet also comes acquainted with an in-built feature of the dApp browser that helps search more and more NFT marketplaces and direct access to Compound, a Defi app. 


Final words


So these are those top 3 NFT wallets that you have been reading about in this article. Besides listing these NFT wallets, we briefed you about the concept of these cryptocurrency wallets. If you want to know the comparison between the best cryptocurrency exchanges like GDAX vs Binance, then you must log on to Cryptoknowmics. It is the leading crypto site that provides you with the latest updates on crypto news and events.