What is the role of TTS in business Communication

TTS in business Communication

Brands, companies, and organizations can take written text and convert it into natural-sounding audio with text-to-speech, also known as TTS. It is a technology that translates digital texts into a variety of languages and voices.

It is widely accepted for its flexibility, as it allows brands to communicate with users when reading a screen is not feasible or convenient.

The technology has evolved over time, even though it was originally designed as a tool for accessibility. Technological advances in digital content production and the proliferation of mobile devices, combined with increased internet penetration, have boosted the demand for text-to-speech systems.

TTS services today produce high-quality, natural-sounding speech output. Consequently, TTS has the potential to increase ROI by a significant amount.

The Benefits of Text-To-Speech​

With this background knowledge of text-to-speech, let’s examine a few ways in which it can benefit your business:

  1. Increases Content Reach

An estimated 15 – 20 percent of the world’s population suffers from language-based learning disabilities. Through TTS, content is accessible to that population. Content is also accessible to those with literacy difficulties or reduced vision.

With TTS technology, websites can attract 774 million illiterate adults worldwide and 285 million people with visual impairments. Despite providing enormous support for the abovementioned groups, speech-enabled web content does not interfere with the use of the content by people without disabilities.

Additionally, making digital content accessible in multiple formats benefits other populations, including older users and foreign speakers.

  1. Enhances customer experience

By adding an alternative way to consume content online, users can have an easier and better experience. By converting written text into audio, Audible online content helps customers better understand your message. Text-to-speech is said to enhance your message’s comprehension.

By doing so, you increase your website’s chances of having visitors return due to the positive experience they had on your website. Furthermore, a positive customer experience increases the likelihood of positive word of mouth.

  1. Saves time and money

With speech-enabled customer care, agents’ workload is minimized, processes are accelerated, and issues can be resolved quickly and easily. Through the use of TTS technology, online content can be made speech-enabled while requiring little maintenance. Organizations are able to reduce their operational costs significantly in this way.


  1. Effective brand building

The customer experience is at the center of your brand-building efforts. Through TTS, companies can enhance the customer journey across various touchpoints, fostering loyalty and differentiating them from their competitors.

With a single, natural, and human-like voice, the brand can become consistent while also enabling emotional branding. The factors listed above all contribute to a successful brand build and a positive customer experience.

  1. Facilitates Learning

There are several different ways to learn. For most people, combining hearing and seeing is best. In addition to providing both visual and audio presentations, text-to-speech helps improve comprehension, recall, and vocabulary skills, while also boosting motivation and confidence.

In addition to making employee learning programs easier to understand, the technology also enables employees to learn anywhere and at any time. The business benefits from improved employee performance.

  1. Enhances Mobility

Consumers spend a growing amount of time reading and consuming content on their mobile devices. They can consume content on the go with text to speech. In this way, users can listen to a news or blog article, a PDF document, or an e-book in any environment that is convenient for them. With TTS, people can read whatever they want without having to scroll through it.

To sum up

Text to speech has the potential to improve and simplify many aspects of life. The benefits of digital content marketing range from enhancing the user experience to increase reach.

You can access your online content on mobile devices, increase engagement, and make information available in both written and audio formats using TTS technology. At the same time, you can minimize costs.

In conclusion, text-to-speech allows you to cater to the different needs and desires of each user according to how they want to interact with your offering. Using natural sounding voices and personalized messages, Routee’s TTS service can complement your communication.